A Single Investment Strategy

We adhere to a singular investment strategy, firmly believing that successful investing is all about making intelligent decisions, one at a time, and allowing them to compound over time. We do not complicate matters by offering products across various sectors or company sizes. Instead, we stay true to our philosophy of focusing on what truly matters in the world of investing.

Our approach revolves around two core principles:

Buying great businesses at fair prices and seizing opportunities presented by undervalued stocks or market anomalies. We believe that investing in exceptional companies at reasonable valuations is a recipe for long-term success. By identifying and investing in businesses with strong fundamentals, growth potential, and sustainable competitive advantages, we aim to create lasting value for our clients.

Moreover, we remain vigilant in spotting opportunities where the market has potentially mispriced assets or overlooked hidden gems. Our team of seasoned experts diligently conducts research and analysis to uncover undervalued stocks that can provide significant upside potential for our clients.

Management Fee

At KYNG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, we believe in transparent and client-friendly fee structures. That’s why we charge zero management fees on your investments. We are committed to maximizing your returns without burdening you with additional management costs.

Performance Fee

Fee Trigger: Our performance fee is only applicable when your investments yield returns exceeding 10% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). This means that we share in the success of your investments when they perform exceptionally well.

By offering a management fee of zero percent and a performance fee triggered only by substantial returns, we align our interests with yours.