About Us

At KYNG Capital Management Pvt Ltd

KYNG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT Pvt Limited is a financial services firm, registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Portfolio Manager – PMS SEBI REGN NO – INP000008312

At KYNG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT PVT LTD, we firmly believe that sound investment decisions are only possible when one thoroughly understands a company’s intrinsic value. Our journey as investors was profoundly shaped by the works of Benjamin Graham, a philosophy repeatedly endorsed by the legendary Warren Buffett. The concept of value investing resonated with us on a deep level, as if we had discovered our true calling.

Drawing inspiration from Graham’s timeless wisdom, especially from his influential book “Security Analysis,” coauthored with David Dodd, our investment philosophy revolves around the principle of seeking a margin of safety in every stock-picking decision. We are committed to protecting our clients’ downside to prevent any permanent loss of capital.

While we have developed our own version of Graham’s techniques, our ultimate objective remains consistent: preserving and growing our clients’ wealth through investments anchored in true value. We firmly believe that specific, known catalysts are not essential for successful investing. The sheer, undeniable value of a company is enough to justify our investment, and we take pride in our unwavering dedication to uncovering undervalued opportunities in the market.