Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing

– Warren Buffet

At KYNG Capital Management Pvt Ltd

Capital Protection

We are committed to protecting our
clients’ downside to prevent any permanent loss of capital.

Graham’s techniques

We don’t mind buying value stocks that are underpriced in the market and sell them when they have reached their fair value

Alignment of Interest

0% Management FEE and Performance FEE only with Returns more then 10% CAGR

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy entails buying and holding a few great businesses indefinitely, allowing the power of compounding to manifest over extended periods.

However, we recognize that this approach is constrained by the rarity of great businesses at fair prices worldwide, particularly when accounting for our restriction of Indian business alone.

Furthermore, buying these businesses at a reasonable price presents as an opportunity infrequently, since they are typically overpriced.



The Deleveraging may have begun

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Why IT Makes Sense to Stay Out of This Bubble in Indian Markets

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We tend to get surprised by any event that's outside the norm simply because our focus revolves entirely around the normal expectations. Hence, we are caught off guard...


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INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY - - As an investor in stocks, my weapon of choice is research. I firmly believe that one cannot make sound investment decisions without properly...

Management Fee

At KYNG CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, we believe in transparent and client-friendly fee structures. That’s why we charge zero management fees on your investments. We are committed to maximizing your returns without burdening you with additional management costs.

Performance Fee

Fee Trigger: Our performance fee is only applicable when your investments yield returns exceeding 10% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate). This means that we share in the success of your investments when they perform exceptionally well. By offering a management fee of zero percent and a performance fee triggered only by substantial returns, we align our interests with yours.

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